Faceflow Review: The best online meeting place in 2021

Video chat, group chat, text chat

Faceflow is a web-based communication site. Whether you are looking to chat, video conference and video chat, I faceflow is the site for you.

Advantages of faceflow

  1. It is easy to use
  2. The filter function allows you to choose who you speak to
  3. You meet new people you would not meet in real life.

Disadvantages of faceflow

  • Many advertisements
  • A mix of children and adult content detected
  • Basic features
  • Links with spam sites sent to random chats

Who owns faceflow?

The owner is Dany Pelletier from Quebec, Canada. It has been operational since 2010. There are over one million active users from around the world.
Faceflow APK download
No know faceflow app for the site under review. However, other apps serve a different purpose.
Faceflow phone number and contact

Is faceflow safe?

As long as you don’t give your details or click on the external links posted, faceflow is safe. You, however, have to exercise internet security to avoid scams.

Is faceflow a scam?

The computer-generated score on the scam is low. While faceflow is not a scam, scammers can use the site, and the owners have no control. You have to be very careful when disclosing your personal information. Our faceflow review of the scam sites did not register significant complaints on faceflow.

Design of the site

The website has a simple interface hence very easy to sign in and use. Users share very little information about themselves to use the site. It is also not possible to know who visited your profile or viewed your page. Even if the site is old, it uses modern technologies or WebRTC and P2P.
Faceflow website works with all popular browsers, uses a rich text format and has a great backend. Faceflow chat is an open-source site.

Usability of faceflow site

The usability is fair with traffic light colour coding to show who is available to chat. Members with green are available to chat, while those with red are not orange/yellow are away. The interface is easy to use. You do not need training.

Chatroulette feature

The feature marches you with other registered members on the site.

Features of faceflow

Four-way wide conferencing capabilitiesInstant messaging

Photo sharing

Meeting capabilities where you can invite members to meet

Faceflow chat room

The chat is easy to use on the desktop. It is easy to navigate and use. A desktop gives you enough room for various parts of the screen.

Faceflow app

Faceflow is usable most common devices that include faceflow for IOs and faceflow for Android. There is, however, no app for faceflow. Type the URL on your iOS or Android, and you are good to go. Other companies may use the same name on the app, but it will not take you to faceflow chat. There is no faceflow app for iOS either.

Faceflow guest

When you join faceflow with a guest account, the app you need is to type faceflow app. You don’t have to give your details to the site. You also have limitations on what you can do on-site. You cannot invite people. You can use an avatar for a photo.

Faceflow sign in

To open an account, you will need to either sign in using a form or your Facebook account. If you use the Facebook account, you allow for the use of your data on Facebook. Alternatively, you will need to fill in your name, password, date of birth, and gender. A CAPTCHA is used to verify that you are not a robot. You will need to tick that you understand the terms of service given and the privacy policy. To access the account, you will have to go to the email provided and verify the account.
Faceflow business login

Profiles on faceflow

The unique part of faceflow is that it allows you to show any YouTube channel that you may have. From your page, you can see other user’s profile. They only have the information you need and not too much. If you want to know more about a person, you should ask for more information if you are interested in a person.
For a profile as a user, you will need a good photo. You can always improve your profile at any time. You have the freedom to choose what to do at the site on the profile settings. You may meet new people, have sound notifications from the website. Others also search for you on faceflow.

Geographical distribution

Faceflow is one of the sites that is used anywhere in the world. However, some countries have strict restriction and may block the site.

What age of uses the chat room

During faceflow review, we encountered very young users, mostly teenagers. From the terms of use, users have to be 13. The site owners have no way of locking out those outside 13 years, and hence you might even get 10-year-olds. There is no upper limit of who can use the site. You may even get 55-year-olds hanging out here.

How to delete a faceflow account?

You can delete the faceflow account from a link on settings.

Is Faceflow safe?

Our faceflow review identified that it is a safe app made with great technology.

Can I get faceflow in fracais?

The chat room is available in six different languages. French is one of them.
How to connect

Text chat

faceflow chatroom

The feature on faceflow chat is commonly in use. There is a random chat system.
You have an option of chatting with strangers, making strangers your friends or chatting with those you consider friends.


Faceflow has a filter function that will allow you to narrow down to a certain kind of people.


Meet People Button

You can meet people by clicking on the button for finding random partners. You will get a few options, and you can choose which partner you wish to engage. You can even chat with several if you have time.

Group Video calls

You can hold conferences, have student’s discussion groups or even office meetings. You can video chat on a random subject with friends and family.
Ignore and block features
Internet is a place where you meet amazing people, but sometimes the opposite is true. The two functions will allow you to keep off these unpleasant people. If you block or ignore someone, they will not contact you or even communicate with you through messages or video chat.

Search function

faceflow search
Making friends on faceflow

You can add particular people you will know when they are online and available to chat. You can click on the photos. They have an option to accept or decline your invitation.

Is faceflow free?

Faceflow is free. You have to live with the many ads that may come your way. There are no costs or memberships on faceflow.

Is Faceflow a scam?

we established that faceflow is a legit site and not a scam. It has a spam score of 1%

Sites like faceflow

There are several sites with chat capabilities and others with video capabilities. Are there sites that are like faceflow?

Our take

Faceflow service uses Web RTC technology to ensure you get to communicate in real-time.  The open standard makes it available on all modern browsers. Our faceflow review recommends the app for your social interaction and for sharing your YouTube videos. As a dating site, it is a bit confusing. For me mixing children and adult content does not go very well.


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