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Are you looking for the best hookup site in 2021? TNA board site is accommodative and easy to use. TNA stands for Truth in Advertising. Explore our TNA board reviews and discover if they live up to their promise.


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TNA Date
American Hookup

TNA board Review: Great Dating Site?

TNA stands for Truth in Advertising. You get discussions and reviews. It is a great hook up site for those who have no partners or are tired of routine and would like no strings attached sex. You will get a lot of features and activities on the site and if lucky off the site. This is a great site to explore your sexual wellness.

Why is TNA board good:

  1. The providers have reviews, and if someone is not right, they get bad ratings.
  2. You get a verified hook-up near you.
  3. Easy to Navigate


What TNA Board Need to Improve:


  1. No regular site updates and sometimes clicks links to other sites like Ashley Madison’s site.
  2. The interface especially the first page is not that exciting
  3. Available for USA clients only.


What is TNA board? Overview

TNA date is an American hook up site where you meet people for entertainment and casual sex. The site accommodates a variety of people, including sugar daddies and sugar babies. There are unique features like live sex, meet and fuck, and reviews, among others.
The details of ownership of the site are not revealed on the website. Neither is the physical address or age of the site. Other TNA board reviews have no information on on-site ownership and location. You can reach the team at They promise to respond within 72 hours.

How does TNA board work?

TNA board has two types of members. The providers who offer escort services and the hobbyist who buy. The site is target several USA cities. Among the cities are EAST WA, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. Others are Colorado, Alaska, USA, Death Valley, and Arizona among others.
Users from other countries and states are warned from using. This is especially for the site owner’s legal protection of the site owner. The site carries materials with sexual contents, that may be illegal in some countries. These countries include Saudi Arabia, most of the Middle East, Africa and some parts of Asia.
The site will display a few featured providers on the desktop. They also give user statistics, top users, and recent uploads. The providers have ads that they post and the most recent is also displayed.

Signing Up at TNA board

To register, you will click on the register button at the top right corner of the site. You will be then enter the date of birth to verify your age. They promise of a birthday card every year. For you to sign in, you must be 18. The site has explicit content and sexual acts for entertainment purposes. You then click on Proceed button.
If you register with a foreign id there is a need for domestic ids. One has to have USA ID, EU, and RU. Etc. Non-Americans are discouraged from using the site.
The second step is to build a profile. You input your location in time zone, state, city and income. You may also tell a few words that describe you and your occupation. The third step is to agree to the terms and rules that guide your relationship with the owners of the site. If you scroll down to the 13 commandments of the site you will know the rules of engagement. There are various offences, and each has a ban period. Those offences include racial hate, pedophilia, many handles. other offences are ad crapping, threats, drugs and prostitution.
TNA board
TNA board Registration
You will have optional details that time zone, state, city, hairstyle, and weight. More information on smoking habits and contact affiliation numbers. More detailed information about you, hair length, tattoos, piecing, hedges. What topics do you like talking about and what topics do you hate talking about? You can report any of the offences to the administrator.
You then agree to the requirements, and you can now confirm from your email and use the site. The TNA board website gives the list of countries and states that cant download content. In most cases it is illegal. Read and agree to the conditions then complete registration.


If you make a mistake, you repeat the entire process. You will need to verify your email address to have good access to the site. You can only use the website. There is no option for a TNA board app

How to start contact 

There are several ways that you can initiate contact. You can click on one of the highlighted profiles. You can also use the search button to search for people of your choice. Click on the cities or any other category on the right frame to get people from your area or the area you are visiting. Another option is to click on local singles, porn games or sugar baby options on the top based on preferences. If you are looking for providers, quick navigation allows you to go to areas of the site when you right-click. You can choose a tab to see online members, search, forums, settings, subscriptions or even your city’s ISO and discussions. You can scroll up and down to get to the page you desire. Right-clicking on most buttons gives you menus. You may read reviews and contact the people you like from their profiles.

Profiles TNA board 

Profiles at the TNA board will mostly include one or multiple photos while others have videos. The information provided will include physical attributes and location. TNA board stands for Truth in Advertising whose target market is the American people. The site is in English. TNA board is in English and in American English.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

From the terms of use, fake profiles are discouraged. It is good to chat with people who are active or recently online. You may check those with recent reviews or have given reviews.

Design & usability TNA board

The site is easy to navigate from one page, but it could be made more attractive. The site has a basic structure and has not been updated since 2017. It is convenient to use. They will tell you it takes a short time to sign up.

Mobile app TNA board

The website does not have a mobile app. You just have to use the website. The site can, however, be used on mobile phones for it is customized to do so.

Special Features


There are several forums on particular topics. Readers will enjoy them when visiting the TNA board website. You can order the content on the forum in ascending order or descending order. You may also sort depending on when the date of the post, types of reviews, rating, and the number of people who view it. You can also choose to see the latest threads, whether on the last day or even the last year.

TNA Board Review

The site has reviews of sex workers. The name search feature exists

My purchases

You can make purchases and the list is shown on your profile so as you track down how you use your investment.

 Live sex

Besides helping hobbyists locate intercourse providers, there is also a live sex option online that hobbyists can take advantage of.

Meet and fuck

Users can organize to meet and fuck. It is important to get contacts from within your area for it is cheaper and more efficient. You can prefer to get new escorts or those who have been on the site for a long.

Ignore function

This function ensures that posts don’t show up at all after you ignore them. When you add someone to ignore list, you are also added to their ignore list as well. Only the person who initiated can undo it. You can also not access the profiles and galleries of those on the ignoring list. Mail service
Sends system email-like PM notifications.


Allows you to see your list for the basic members and others list for the hobbyist.

 My purchases

This function shows and credit count, it has expiration dates of up. VIP upgrade for providers that allows two free posts in 23 hours.

 Ads auto sensor

Forbidden terms and using censored illegal words will have one banned from the site.

Site forums

You can get legit users from participation in forums. That way you can tell who shares your interests, who is interesting and who is not. Listing and advertising </h3>

The providers advertise their services

Girls review

Members of the TNA board review the providers so that the next customers will know what to expect. Those with more reviews are given incentives at the site.

TNA board Costs

What is unique about the TNA board is that you may even pay using bitcoins. During the TNA board review, users are advised to consider the price of bitcoins to stabilise since it was too high. The following options are available.

1  months of $ 20

3 Months          $50

6 Months         $ 90

12 Months       $155


TNA board website accepts Bitcoin and litecoin but not bitcoin cash (BCH). You can also send TNA bucks to another user within the platform. The list of gifts will be on your account. The site has tutorials on how to send and use bitcoins on the TNA website. They warn that you will lose your money if you use Bitcoin cash. Discounts are available to providers who get one free month if they have more than ten TNA board reviews. When upgrading, for every two reviews, that they verify, you get a month.

Basic Membership

Registration is free, you can have access to the site. It is very little you can do with basic membership after signing up. Basic members do not have posting permissions. However, providers have advantages and can get free memberships. It is they who drive business to the site. Without providers, the site will not exist. However, for hobbyists, every attempt to use the function is met with a message that you cannot use the service.

Premium Membership

Hobbyist benefits on the premium account members can choose how many references they need to contact them. You may choose to go invisible when logged in or even change your username. You can create a custom title under your username. You have storage of between 50 and 1000. The option of using message tracking with PMS is. As a hobbyist, reply to ads directly. Create three social groups, and make polls and threads. You may also edit or customize your profile manage a blog, retire an account, upload an avatar or change an avatar as much as you wish. You can have an animated profile, add girls to TDL, get your own photo album, power to leave a negative reputation,

<h3>TNA board Coupons</h3>

You get free months depending on the TNA board reviews you receive. As a free member, you get to send two adverts per day within twenty-three hours.

<h2>Verification & Safety TNA board</h2>

The site provides a few safety provisions. You may report a member on some of the prohibited behaviours. They get banned for a given number of months as per the terms of service. They can also get blocked. TNA Board users should follow American laws. The rules that govern the TNA board are called the 14 commandments of TNA. The remedies include bans, blacklisting, warning, and permanent ban. Offences include spamming, multiple personalities, threatening, racial and homophobic comments, paedophiles, and crap on ad reviews, prostitution and failure to respect privacy.

Vetting in TNA board

Providers who advertise go through vetting for age verification. You are not allowed to engage providers who have not gone through vetting. Otherwise, you will be banned. There is a provision for an ignore list, which you can edit from time to time.

Data Protection

The TNA board website can open data to police in case of illegalities perfumed on the platform. TNA board website has a 128-bit SSL encryption. It is a member of the free speech coalition and has an exception statement.

Our TNA board review team recommends that, when you like someone and want to verify if they are legit, it is advisable to do a video call. That way you know you are not dealing with a BOT. Most important, it is essential to trust your gut feeling. Study the behaviour of people communicating with you. If they are in a hurry to get personal information, they have emergencies that need money beyond what is on the site, make good judgment. Select the place you meet your provider wisely for security and safety.

There exist provider posting rules and TNA community watch. Moderators watch the users. If you are aggrieved, you can write to

Is the TNA board a scam? 

TNA board is not a scam. There is a possibility that scammers can use the site. The site owners have no way of independently every individual who uses the site. There is a need to take precautions when relating to anyone on the TNA board or any other dating website. When the deal is too good,

think twice. It would be wise not to send money or give personal information online. Also, ensure you meet in safe spaces.

Is the TNA board legit?

TNA board is a legit site owned by a legit company. The site is for escort lovers. The individuals who offer escort services are verified, but the ones who buy are not. The girls have ratings from people who have used their services.

Is the TNA board anonymous?

You can choose to be anonymous by giving an anonymous sexy name. you can change your profile from time to time, especially if you are a hobbyist.

What is TNA Board?

TNA Board is an online platform that claims to be a forum for adult entertainment and reviews of escorts, massage parlours, and other adult services. Users can create accounts, browse listings, and participate in discussions.

What are the potential risks of using the TNA Board?

Using TNA Board carries several risks. Engaging with adult services, as facilitated by the platform, may be illegal in your jurisdiction. Moreover, there have been instances where law enforcement agencies have targeted the platform due to its association with illegal activities. There is also a risk of encountering scammers, fake profiles, and individuals who may not have your best interests in mind. Engaging with such individuals can compromise your safety and privacy.

Are there alternative platforms that are more reliable and safer?

Yes, there are alternative platforms that are generally considered more reliable and safer for individuals seeking adult services. However, it is crucial to approach such services with caution and ensure they are legal and regulated in your area. It is advisable to research and seek recommendations from trusted sources when exploring such platforms.

Overall, TNA Board raises significant concerns in terms of trustworthiness, legality, and user safety. Engaging with adult services should always be done within the confines of the law, and it is advisable to exercise caution and consider alternative platforms that prioritize user safety and authenticity of the information.

 Is TNA Board trustworthy?

In terms of trustworthiness, TNA Board has raised several concerns. The platform has been associated with illegal activities, including human trafficking and prostitution. It is important to note that engaging in such activities is illegal and morally wrong. Additionally, the anonymity of users on the TNA Board raises questions about the credibility and authenticity of the reviews and information shared.

How easy is it to use TNA Board?

The website layout and navigation of the TNA Board are relatively straightforward, making it relatively easy to use. However, the content and discussions on the platform can be explicit and may not be suitable for all users. It is essential to exercise caution and ensure you are legally allowed to access adult content in your jurisdiction before using the platform.

Are the reviews on TNA Board reliable?

The reliability of reviews on the TNA Board is highly questionable. Given the nature of the platform and the lack of verification processes, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the reviews. There have been reports of fake reviews and users manipulating the system for personal gain. It is advisable to take any information found on  TNA Board with a significant degree of scepticism.

Are there any positive aspects of the TNA Board?

While TNA Board has received significant criticism, some users appreciate the platform for its open discussions and the ability to connect with others who share similar interests. The forum format allows for the exchange of information and experiences, which some users find valuable when making decisions regarding adult services. However, it is important to approach the information shared on the platform with caution and scepticism.

What are the privacy and security features of TNA Board?

TNA Board has been criticized for its lack of robust privacy and security features. The platform does not require strong user verification, and this anonymity can lead to a higher risk of encountering fake profiles, scammers, or individuals with malicious intent. Additionally, the website itself may not have adequate security measures in place to protect user data, potentially putting personal information at risk.

Can TNA Board be used for legitimate purposes?

TNA Board is primarily focused on adult entertainment and services, which may not align with what many consider legitimate purposes. While there may be legitimate users and discussions on the platform, the association with illegal activities and the questionable reliability of the information shared make it a risky choice for seeking legitimate services.

What are the alternatives to TNA Board?

There are various alternatives to TNA Board that offer more reliable and safer experiences for individuals seeking adult services. Some examples include reputable escort directories, professional review websites with verified users, and platforms that prioritize user safety and compliance with legal regulations. It is advisable to research and choose platforms that have a good reputation and user feedback.

The Problem With the TNA board

TNA board has a geographical limitation. Even using the site with a VPN pauses some challenges.

Help & support

The help and support have a search for FAQ options. You can either search titles only or both FAQs and titles. You can also search all words or any the words or even a complete phrase that you type. All you need is to select an option and specify what you wish to do.

TNA board alternatives

Other escort sites exist and may include the following.

TS Escorts

The difference is that the site has no spam and is simple and easy for us. You do not need a profile to get laid, whatever your choice is, you are a lucky human being. You can try out your fantasy and desires without worrying about judgement.

Escort affair

The site gives you options with tons of international escorts, unlike TNA which operates in particular areas in the USA. The site will give your local profiles.

Harlot Hub

A classified site popular in the USA. It is a good site for those who prefer to have a real experience rather than watch porn. You can read the TNA board reviews before ordering. The site design is far much better. There is a variety of services to choose from the available options. The site has its cam website.

Adult Search

Harlot Hub will help you get local women for some cash. The site is free to use but has a lot of ads. You are not allowed to spam, so you will not get spam from other users.

Adult Search

Adult Search is a great escort listing and covers some cities. There is a large number of listings. Escorts services are legal in most countries, while prostitution is not. Escort is not sex. There are members you will meet for escort services and not sex.

The site has a wider geographical location that includes the USA, Canada, Asia, and Latin America.


There are several questions users may have about the TNA website.

What is the TNA board used for?

TNA board is for adult entertainment and escorts. Both buyers and sellers meet on this site. The providers advertise, hobbyist uses the services and recommend other users when they like the service.

Is the TNA board a Real Dating Site? 

It is all dependent on your definition of dating. If it is buying services for a night or a couple of nights, it is a dating site. If, you define dating as a long-term relationship and dating leading to marriage. TNA board website is just a hookup site.

How to delete a TNA board account?

You have the option to retire your account when it is not in use for some time. Your account will be inactive if you use the Hotel California rule. This option is not for those who want to quit and delete their account. It is essential to ensure you don’t use your real name. Mark your account as retired, you may also email the company to delete your detail permanently. It is essential to state the reason why you wish to close your account.

There are two options that one can use to delete the account. There is an automated one, which is a link added to profiles. Click on “Delete account”. For those accounts that are quality, it will be processed immediately.


The TNA board website is No physical address is provided on the site. However, you can reach them by email. The contact us form is the available feedback mechanism. They promise they will get back to you in 72 hours. The company is based in California and takes into consideration California rules.


TNA board is one of the few dating sites using bitcoins for payment. Without paying for it, there is very little you can do on the site. You will only see the front page and FAQ sections. From our TNA board review, we establish that the site is not modern. In case you are used to new features and great graphics. However, the website serves the purpose. The hobbyist and providers who register to have TNA board reviews.

TNA Board raises significant concerns regarding trustworthiness, legality, and user safety. The platform’s association with illegal activities, questionable reliability of reviews, and lack of robust privacy and security features make it a risky choice. It is recommended to explore alternative platforms that prioritize user safety and authenticity of information when seeking adult services.

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