Sniffies Review 2020: Exploring Male Sexuality

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Pros and Cons: Is Sniffies Good?


  • Great for casual encounters and transactional sex
  • The live map that enables you to meet the nearest guy
  • You can use the platform without paying as an anonymous member
  • The platform works on both Apple and Android devices


  • Blocked in some countries due to explicit content
  • Only accessible from a web browser, not on Google Play or App Store
  • Potential security challenges when inviting people to your house

Reputation and History of Sniffies

Sniffies was launched in 2018 by Blake Gallagher, a Seattle-based founder. The site’s name was inspired by a previous domain that sold undergarments. It quickly gained popularity among individuals with fetishes related to sniffing underwear or socks. Sniffies collects data to understand user trends, including popular kinks and the horniest cities.

According to Yahoo News, Sniffies receives over twenty million monthly visits, primarily from users in their 20s. The platform operates in about 45 countries, providing a space for casual hookups and real gay experiences. While it is not a place to find long-term relationships or job connections, lasting friendships can develop unexpectedly.

Website, App, Interface, and Registration

You can access Sniffies app using your desktop, iPhone, or Android phone. The app is classified as adult content due to its explicit nature, so it is not available on Google Play or the App Store. To use Sniffies on an iPhone or iPad, add it to your home screen using the Safari browser. Android users can access the website through the Chrome browser and add it to their home screen.

The sign-up process is relatively easy. The site verifies your age by asking for your birth year, and anonymous usage is also allowed. To register an account, you need an email address, a unique password, and some personal information, including your location, interests, and HIV status.

Are the Accounts Real on Sniffies?

Sniffies is a real platform where you can meet genuine people based on their location. The site discourages the use of VPNs and takes measures to ensure authenticity.

Website and Mobile Version

While there is a mobile app, it can only be accessed through the browser. Sniffies is not available on Google Play or the App Store. However, the platform is mobile-compatible, and many users prefer using it on their phones.

Special Features

Sniffies offers several special features to enhance user experiences:

  • Filters: Customize your preferences to find perfect matches and minimize the chances of clashing desires.
  • Live Chat: Engage in erotic sessions from the comfort of your home, allowing you to explore your interests before meeting.
  • Short and Simple Biodata: Minimize the disclosure of personal information and vet the people you wish to meet.
  • Ease of Meeting: Sniffies aims to make it easy for users to set up meetings, whether at their place or elsewhere. The platform provides a list of recommended places.
  • Geolocations: The map-based interface ensures accurate location recommendations and enables you to meet users nearby.
  • Anonymous Usage: Sniffies allows for anonymous cruising, providing privacy for users who prefer not to disclose personal information.
  • Host Groups, Big Parties, and Cruising Venues: The platform offers various meeting opportunities, allowing users to organize or join events and explore their curiosity and sense of adventure.
  • Nude Pictures: Sniffies allows explicit content, including nude photos, and even allows users to

Privacy and Safety Measures

Sniffies takes the privacy and safety of its users seriously. The platform has implemented various measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for its members. Some of the privacy and safety features include:

Anonymous Usage

Sniffies allows users to browse the platform anonymously, without revealing personal information. This is particularly useful for those who prefer to maintain their privacy while exploring the site.

Sniffies Verification Process

During the sign-up process, Sniffies verifies the age of users by requesting their birth year. This helps ensure that only individuals who are 18 years or older can access the platform.

Real Profiles

Sniffies encourages users to upload real photos of themselves, promoting authenticity and genuine interactions among members. The platform discourages the use of fake profiles and has measures in place to detect and prevent such activities.

Weeding Out VPN Usage

Sniffies actively discourage the use of VPNs to access the platform. This helps maintain the integrity of user locations and enhances the accuracy of the map-based matching system.

Chat History and Privacy

The platform retains chat history for up to two months, allowing users to refer back to previous conversations. However, users have the option to delete or retract conversations from their own accounts, providing control over their personal data.

User Reporting and Moderation

Sniffies encourages users to report any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour they encounter on the platform. The site has a moderation system in place to review reports and take appropriate actions to maintain a safe and respectful community.

Sniffies Website Security

Sniffies employs secure encryption protocols to protect user data and ensure secure communication between the platform and its users. The site’s McAfee badge further demonstrates its commitment to online safety.


In conclusion, Sniffies is an exciting meet-up platform that provides a unique digital mapping interface for gay, bisexual, and non-binary individuals, and those curious about exploring their sexuality. The platform offers a range of features and benefits for users seeking casual encounters and exploring their fetishes.

With a live map feature, ease of use across desktop and mobile devices, and various special features such as filters, live chat, and anonymous usage, Sniffies provides a convenient and engaging experience for its members. It also enables users to connect with like-minded individuals in their vicinity, arrange meet-ups, and explore their desires.

However, it’s important to note that Sniffies is an explicit platform and may not be suitable for everyone. Users should exercise caution and take necessary security measures, such as practising safe meeting arrangements and being mindful of their personal privacy.

Overall, Sniffies offers a unique and engaging platform for individuals interested in exploring their sexuality and engaging in casual encounters. With its privacy and safety measures in place, the platform strives to provide a secure environment for its users to connect and have fulfilling experiences.

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